Breaking Bald


So no, I'm not shaving my head because I'm going bald. I'm doing it because the boss lady likes it, and it saves me from even the pretence of a hairstyle I'd been sporting for the last two decades.
That cut, ideally executed every three weeks, was an even, no fuss trim with clippers.
For all the reasons offered here, that came to an end.

This photo was taken after seven razor-free days in Tobago, which now tells me how long it takes to go from freshly shaven to my old cut.
Basically, I have to shave to make myself presentable before every public engagement, which works out to about three times a week.

If you think stubble looks grimy on a face, it's about ten times as scrappy on my head.
After getting some great advice on my last post about my earlier experiences, I've settled on a regime of shaving gel for regular shaves, gel for major assaults on the hirsutism of laziness and the five blade is razor as my preferred instruments of follicle harvesting.

The only catch in all this was the staggering cost of replacement blades.
These razors may be affordable if you have lovely soft hair, but my stubble is brutal, particularly on my head. After a few shaving sessions, I'd start getting the telltale snagging of a razor past its prime.

Fortunately the boss lady sent me this important tip from Instructables,  which has extended the life of my blades from just over a week to months.

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