Dell goes retail

After more than a decade of supplying computers via a successful online ordering service, Dell is going retail in the region and has appointed a number of local technology companies as their retail agents.

Notes from the Think symposium

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Interview with Saucy Diva

The full interview with Saucy Diva of
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Notes from BDC's E-Commerce Seminar

Notes from the Business Development Company seminar on e-commerce, 13-01-11

Mr. Bernard Campbell, Managing Director-Intelligent Business Advantage.
Business people will have to choose among different options for accepting payments, online banking, wire transfers, real world check and bank payments as well as card not present payments
There’s a big difference in establishing these systems when businesses have prior experience with each other and have already established a level of mutual trust.

“The Stone Age didn't end because they ran out of stones, the bronze age didn't end because they ran out of bronze. Technology made the older systems obsolete.”
There’s a real need to participate in social media, particularly with a focus on Facebook. “You need to monitor your presence on Facebook and respond to comments.”

Kama Maharaj, founder of Sacha Cosmetics.
On commonsense business practices online.
“Don't ask for anything from the customer that you don't need. Don't ask for a surname if you only need the first name.”
“Build credibility, trust and deliver customer service. It’s better to sell a few things to many people than to sell many things to a few people online.”

Kevin Khelawan, Teleios
Mobile Commerce covers any transaction of value conducted on a mobile phone.
Transaction models: Operator centric, bank centric, collaboration model (via trusted third party, using banks - most likely to dominate), peer to peer
Examples: Amazon's TextPayMe, PayPal via mobile, Obopay, Zong (gaming)

M-PESA, Kenya evolved from a micropayments system to a branchless banking service, now has more than 13 million users and transfers US$1.5 million per day, used for school fees, bars and pubs, bus and taxi transportation - high mobile penetration rate and low banking penetration rate with high demand for financial services.

Sharlene Maharaj, discussing the Caribbean Airlines/BWIA experience.
The company had some issues that were in common with Sacha, because we started early in the game. Caribbean Airlines entered the space because their competition was there.

E-Commerce cuts out the middle man and makes it self-service, moving the transaction directly to the customer. E-commerce makes the process low cost but creates a market driven by cost-sensitive customers.

Credit card sales represent less than 10 percent of total sales in the Caribbean. There’s a need for alternative form of payment, perhaps a promotion of debit cards to online sales capabilities.
Credit card fraud is real. CA built a percentage of bad debt into the business plan.

There’s an infrastructural need for structured street addresses to verify that they exist, equivalent to zip codes.
Websites available in multiple languages must be supported when end users engage the business, via e-mail and phone calls, in that language.
Need for clarity and clear lines of accountability in contracts and service level agreements with vendors and suppliers.

Microsoft, Blackberry launches

Posted reports of launches of the new Blackberry Storm and Windows RC1 in Trinidad and Tobago to Other Writing...

Microsoft at the Summit

An Interview with Angela Camacho about Microsoft's hope to work for development in the region is posted here...

Microsoft introduces IE8

Moved IE8 story to Other Writing

BSG's most important moments

• The appropriation of Richard Hatch and his anger about the remake into the show as Tom Zarek.
• The appearance of Battlestar Pegasus and the resulting powerplay.
• Starbuck’s capture of a Cylon raider and the discovery that the ship is organic.
• Season 3’s unflinching translation of the Iraq occupation to BSG’s universe as Cylons occupy New Caprica.
• Finding Earth. Nuff said.
• Anastasia “Dee” Dualla’s last day.
• Felix Gaeta’s rebellion and its ultimate consequences.
• Gaius Baltar, inspired villain. The lameness that is ultimate evil.

Notes from the Twitterverse

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Notes on Hyper-V

More notes from a presentation on Microsoft's new Hyper-V server technology.
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Notes on the 2008 ICT Symposium

Additional reporting on the ICT Symposium, direct from my notebook...
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Blogging the show floor

The next installment of BitDepth (October 28) will be a report on highlights from this year's PhotoPlus Expo, but from Thursday evening, I'll be blogging my findings and notes from the show floor of the PhotoPlus Expo 2008 at the Jacob Javits Centre in New York for the duration of the three days of the show.
You'll find that coverage posted on
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Future talk

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More on Vista adoption...

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TSTT response to "Broadband Problems"

Trevor Deane, TSTT’s VP for Broadband services responded to the reader responses to issues they have experienced with broadband implementation. Read More...

Having issues with TSTT or Flow?

Is anyone having issues with their broadband service with either Flow or TSTT?
I'm working on a piece that aggregates information from customers about their experiences with broadband upgrades, new installations or problems with Internet speeds and the support responses they have experienced with these providers.

The Frenchman and the downloads

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My marketing plan for TSTT

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Quitting HSIA

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Tribe tech

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Eyes wide open

Blink Broadband is TSTT's revamp of its broadband service. So why all the mystery?
If you're coming here from BitDepth in print or on the Guardian's website, welcome. If you're a regular, this continues on from
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A bend in the Amazon

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Internet Campaigning

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More e-mail advice

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