Breaking Bald

A story about my hair and my decision to shave it all off for the last three years. Read More...

Mail from Google

Here's my very first piece of mail from Google. Oddly enough, the all-digital company insists on sending a hard copy card to a physical address to verify a business listing on its service.
Naturally, that document doesn't have the savvy of Google search, so it quickly ran afoul of the expertise of TTPost, who sent it off on a tour of El Socorro before finally bringing it home.

It's July 27, do you know where our terrorists are?

Oh, I know, they are engaging in a peaceful protest march on the streets of the city they almost brought to ruin 23 years ago, that's where they are.

As someone who personally had a Muslimeen gun pointed at his head on July 27, 1990 while in pursuit of my duties as the first Picture Editor of the Guardian, I've got to say that watching Yasin Abu Bakr and his cronies stroll along the streets of Port of Spain escorted by the police, I felt a real annoyance and resentment.

But then, that's what we fought for back then. Whether it was manning a large gun in response to the insurrection or publishing a newspaper from a building frequently peppered by gunfire, the only civil response to terrorism is ultimately the practice of constitutionally guaranteed freedoms, which include those that allow us to gather and represent our points of view, as unwelcome as they may be.

So Yasin Abu Bakr applies to the Police Commissioner for permission to march in the city, not only gets permission, but a protective escort. You may see affront. I see a success for democracy and free speech. We win.

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Hair today...

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Dreamscape delivers

A hearty thank you to Trinidad Dreamscape for some tangible support of the work we do around here.

On Management

"Every officer learns to function in the system that promoted him." - Orson Scott Card, Ender in Exile.

Patrick's Plan

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Absolute political punditry

This was the blog post from the Wednesday before the Trinidad and Tobago election of 2010 which beat the prevailing wisdom and predicted the landslide win of the People's Partnership.
Since the original post, I've added notes on the winners, the missed calls and the margins of the wins.

One morning at Macueripe...

I prefer to do my laps in a pool, but those options have become severely diminished of late with the collapse of the Flying Fish facility.
So with the management at home on vacation, we sped off on Friday morning for a quick dip on the only partly complete, but mercifully open for access beach at Macueripe in Chaguaramas.

Swimming along my ocean "lane" a space roughly ten feet wide and running from the middle of the beach to the northern end, I noticed an empty bottle. Recalling a cut I got on my footpad a few days before on a previous visit, I dove to pick it up.

This proved to be a bit like buying a stylish car and then seeing it everywhere. Just along that fairly narrow swimming path, I kept seeing more and more of this debris (I swim with goggles).
So I began to pick it up and take it out of the water. This is the result of less than an hour's worth of work at the beach that morning.

Rubbish in the oceans is
becoming a critical matter. Glass bottles only break and leave deadly splinters for swimmers until they are eventually worn down into pretty bits of abraded glass. Tin cans don't disintegrate at all and crushed cans offer jagged edges quickly as they get knocked around on rocks.

Let's take this stuff out of the water when we find it and better yet, don't drop it in the water in the first place.


How to be creative

How do you nurture creativity? This is what I've learned about the process over the years. Read More...

Ikea Food

Yes, there is Ikea food...

David De Caires, fondly remembered

I wrote this editorial for Monday's Guardian (October 03).
As I mentioned in a note to David's son, Brendan, his father always recognised me wherever we met with a kindness and generosity that was always touching.
David De Caires was a man of some intensity, but he had no airs and I count myself fortunate to have met him through my friendship with Brendan.

Notes on TATT's response

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RBTT becomes RBC

RBTT becoming RBC provokes some interesting memories.

Boissiere house for sale

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We are the Police

Why careless construction work and other day to day slights should not be tolerated. Read More...

Jason Daly 1973-2008

Jason Daly died on January 29. Jason was one of the first of GayelleTV's presenters to visit my studio for the series of portraits that I've been doing of the all-local station's presenters. I didn't know him particularly well, but he always acknowledged me whenever we met and he was a cooperative subject.
I began shooting GayelleTV's presenters partly as a personal project, partly because of my long association with Banyan and Chris laird and Errol Fabien, but mostly because the station is just around the corner from my studio and as I told Chris, it would have been ridiculous for anyone else to be doing their photography.
Having a record of the presence and vitality of Jason wasn't the reason for doing it, but I'm glad that the photos exist.
GayelleTV has created a virtual condolence book for Jason here.

Voting for the CoP

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A Broadway Tale

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Learning is contagious

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It's in the blood

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Wishing the rains away

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This is Cepep country

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Chic Heat

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Confrontational Beer

Arrogant Bastard Ale...

The name of the blog

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What blogs right?

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