Tech News TT

Been slow to post website updates here for new BitDepth postings. Sorry about that. Been busy with a new technology website that you might want to pay some attention to. It's Tech News TT and its a collection of news briefs, curated press releases and original reporting from me about technology in Trinidad and Tobago.
Moving forward, that website will be the focus of all my BitDepth postings, though the archive here will remain the definitive collection of the column for anyone trying to find past installments.
Have a look at it to see what I've been up to, particularly if you have a serious interest in technology developments in Trinidad and Tobago.
It's early days yet and many changes will come over time as I develop the project.

Gail, gone

Remembering the delightful and hardworking Gail Massy.

Suddenly 12 years later...

Twelve years ago, I chose to spend my life with a challenging, uncompromising wise woman with whom I'd had a fiery, always fascinating romance that blossomed into a courtship.
"You know what," she asked one evening, "we should get married."
"Yeah," I said, "when, in a week?"
I didn't want a whole drawn out thing. Donna's father Bobby, a gloweringly serious man, didn't seem overly enthusiastic. We weren't after all, exactly asking to get married, though the formalities were observed for the most part. I like to think that he came around after a bit. I certainly always liked him.

As it turned out, we needed two weeks to do organize the getting married things that need to get done. It would take years for two strong-willed people to get used to the idea of not just living in the same space, but growing to understand the rather-pronounced edges of two well-developed personalities. It remains a work in progress.

The photograph on this page was one of two gestures by professional colleagues when I told them I was getting married. Marlon Rouse, then the chief photographer at the Guardian, insisted on photographing the humble event while Noel Norton insisted on doing a formal engagement photograph, hustling us off to the Savannah.

Norts then proceeded to make a monochrome print from his color negatives and it's a photo, the only one with me in it to ever get this treatment, that still sits in our living room.
It's been a remarkable time sweetie, thanks for never letting me be anything less than my best.

Bronze at the Panos

Took a bronze award for this photograph at dawn on a Sunday morning of Great Fete Sunday in 2011. It's a handheld panoramic, one of five that I've successfully done at the Pigeon Point event.
Here's a backstory on my history with panoramic images and the Great Fete experience in particular.
The competition attracts quite a few entrants, growing from 2740 images entered in 2010 to 3,586 in 2011. Statistics for 2012 participants are still to be posted to the website for the competition.

New book from Queen Macoomeh!

I've had an interesting web conversation running for some time now with Queen Macoomeh, inclusive of judging some online photo competitions that she's been running.
Now the web denizen steps out from behind her nom de plume with a self-published book, Across from Lapeyrouse, which she describes as "chock full of the carnival culture, commess and some steamy bacchanal."
The book will be launched in Trinidad and Tobago in a print edition in late March, but it's available as an e-book online on Amazon Canada here and for UK buyers, here.
Order an autographed print edition from the author here.

On de re-play

Two plays that I wrote almost 20 years ago get returned to the stage by students at UTT. Read More...

TechTing Interview

My interview with Anton Gonzalez of is posted here...

One Life competition entry

I've entered a portfolio in the One Life competition and public voting is open until October 29. You can see the entries and vote here.

Outlish in the finals!

Outlish Magazine is through to the finals of the Digital Magazine Awards in the Magazine launch of the year category. Here's the list.
Update: We didn't win. But damn, we made it to the finals!