At Bocas Lit Fest

Here's a photo of the panel on e-books kindly provided by Cynthia Birch. From right to left, Georgia Popplewell, moderator, Elspeth Duncan, Andre Bagoo and me.

Contemplating electronic books

Lit's Bits from Mark Lyndersay on Vimeo.

A presentation planned for a panel discussion at the inaugural Bocas Lit Fest. There wasn't a projector, so I spoke from a print of my slides, but you can enjoy the talk on electronic books in this video.

Download the presentation as an MP4 video file here...

acla:works conversation

Dropped by acla:works on Brian Lewis' invitation for a short seminar on social media led by Melanie Archer.
During the wonderful and heated conversation that ensued I heard some interesting perspectives on the relevance of social media.
That's me in a photograph by acla:works bossman Brian Lewis setting up to give a sharply truncated version of my talk to Abovegroup (that's here).
All around, an interesting exchange with some smart, if somewhat Internet shy professionals.
Here's their take on the encounter.

Photography in Corporate Communications

Photography in Corporate Communications - December 2010 from Mark Lyndersay on Vimeo.

A significant update to an earlier presentation on strategies for maximising photography in modern, digitally enabled corporate communications environments.

Download the presentation here.
Read the related BitDepth column here.

The Steelband Brand

The Steelband Brand from Mark Lyndersay on Vimeo.

A vidcast that explores the current status of the steelband movement in Trinidad and Tobago and suggests ways to promote local bands that might be explored in the digital realm.

Download the presentation in MP4 format here

Creative networks presentation

Show & Tell, November 12, 2010 from Mark Lyndersay on Vimeo.

A presentation given at Abovegroup's Show and Tell on November 12, 2010 about photography, technology and the ways that digital networks lubricate the creative interaction in our modern world.

Download an MP4 of the vidcast here

IABC talk

Kind of forgot this. Gave a talk to the local chapter of the IABC with Lennox Grant on July 15. Time was a little tight, squeezed in before AGM business, but it seems to have gone down well. My half of the presentation, on New Media initatives and outlets is available here in PDF format with notes.