Thank you and good night


It's been a great and quite long run here, but it's time to close this particular blog down.
That's largely a formality, now.When it's been pretty much a year between posts, it's time to acknowledge that some things just don't fit neatly into your life anymore.
I posted my first blog entry here on January 25, 2007, and over the last nine years, things have been, let's say, interesting.
There are some good reasons for these changes, not the least of them being related to the subject of the logo that's at the start of this post.

From April 2014, the online home of the BitDepth column migrated from this website to TechNewsTT, an expansion of my original idea, now some 20 years old, to write about personal technology in Trinidad and Tobago.
The project is coming along well, but it's still just me and the pace of posts has been hectic since it was established.

I've had some very good months with it, and I'm hoping to be able to turn it into something that at the very least, pays for itself eventually, but it's still very much a venture in its personal investment stages.
By August of 2015 my total visitor count over at TechNews TT for this year surpassed all of 2014, so there is definitely a growth trajectory that needs to be fed if things are going to keep improving.

So I've had to rationalize. The weekly e-mail version of the column hasn't been possible for almost a year now, and I need to simplify things very dramatically to make stuff fit into the time I have available..
To that end, I'll be maintaining the BitDepth archive that I've established here, but I won't be posting anything new to those pages.
I will be posting writing that's not about technology or photography to the page on this website that's dedicated to that, and I'll be rethinking that page to suit that project.

Otherwise, this website will be undergoing a steady evolution into a product that's more specifically designed to support my photography business.
Apart from more regular updates of images, I'll also be getting back to more blogging about photography, with a more specific focus on what it means to be a professional photographer of a certain age and experience in Trinidad and Tobago.

If you've been a reader of this blog, I appreciate your being part of my online audience. I hope these adjustments will make for greater clarity in accessing my work and more useful discussions arising from the perspectives I bring to both photography and technology reporting.
Thanks for reading and I hope you'll stick around for all that comes next.

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