You stole my photo - Episode 2

So I find this out when I get the complimentary tickets for the show.
What do I find? My photograph of Mungal Patasar, done for Caribbean Beat at his home.
Why am I pissed? Because if someone from the San Fernando Jazz Festival had asked, I would have given them permission to make use of the photo, probably in return for... complimentary tickets?
What's going on here is a simple thing that's almost impossible to fix, I think. If you're producing a print project and you don't know where the photographs came from, then as the client, you have a responsibility to ask, because they came from somewhere.
Because when people like me come calling full of righteous anger, we aren't going after some scrunting graphic designer with a heart full of drop shadow, we're coming after the people who earned the real money from the project, we're coming after you.
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