AMPOTT Awards Speech, 2009

Speech given on behalf of the judges at the awards event for the 2009 competition. View the winners here... Read More...

More thoughts about photojournalism

Ariti Jankie called asking for some comments about the AMPOTT awards, no doubt looking for some quotes to beef up the kind of story the Express is likely to produce after sweeping the still photography category.
This is what I sent her, after initially thinking that I really had nothing more to say. Of course, what I proceeded to do was prattle on about photojournalism.

AMPOTT Judges' Notes, 2005

Just to give context to what we've been trying to do with the AMPOTT Awards, these are the Judges' notes for the first competition I worked on. These were the remarks at the awards ceremony on August 08, 2005 Read More...

AMPOTT Judging

The judges at work choosing the winning images at AMPOTT's 2007 photography competition. Read More...