Notes from the Think symposium

Extended reporter's notes from the Think Symposium on Carnival and Multiculturalism. Read More...

Interview with Saucy Diva

The full interview with Saucy Diva of
BitDepth#769, the column I wrote based on it is posted here... Read More...

Viey La Cou series begins

The Viey La Cou series begins today with Dame Lorraine. I took extensive notes on these photographs in the late 1980's and have since lost them. If anyone recognises the players, please let me know so that I can put names to the faces.

In the 20 years since I shot these photos, most of these old players have since left the stage and younger players with more enthusiasm and far less history have taken their place. I was fortunate enough to have the chance to capture these images when so many of these characters were still being played by performers who had been doing the roles for decades.

I'll be posting the complete series after they appear on the front page of this website in the Virtual Gallery and putting a photographer's note in the Photo Blog.

More Mas Medicine

More thoughts about how to improve Carnival that didn't fit into this week's BitDepth, (posted here). Read More...

Power of the Super Niche

I've been following some of the Carnival bloggers after getting some really valuable links off a few of the sites for the Making Mas series.
Several of these sites are really focused on the business of getting ready for Carnival Monday and Tuesday and one of the fascinating themes that cropped up in the week before Carnival was the disparity between costumes as delivered and as advertised.

Two particularly thorough and interesting entries appeared on the blogs of Saucy Diva and Carnival Jumbie.
After covering Carnival for almost a quarter of a century, an issue like this simply never occurred to me. Have a look at what the committed masquerader has to say. These are blogs that deserve to be signed.

Carnival Congratulations

Congratulations are in order to several of the people profiled in the Making Mas series. Brian Mac Farlane (MM4) won the George Bailey award for Large Band of the Year, with Trini Revellers (MM3) came in second in that competition. Tribe (MM2) placed sixth in the Large Band category.

San Fernando bandleaders Ivan and Wendy Kalicharan (MM6) won the South Band of the Year title. De BOSS (MM7) took the Lil Hart award for Small Band of the Year, closely followed by Tribal Connection (MM7) in second place. Wade Madray tied for third place in the King of Carnival competition.
View Making Mas online here.

The Frenchman and the downloads

More on The BitDepth story is here...

Tribe tech

More technical background on Tribe's database driven management of its masqueraders. The original story is here Read More...

Thoughts in concert

Carnival 2007 wrapup.

Losing the beat

Stuck in a traffic jam after a long Carnival Tuesday, I lose my mind... Read More...

Carnival Entrepreneur

Strike a pose...

Timing the riddem

Crowds gather to view a Carnival that passes by on the trot... Read More...

Pan jam

Panmen take to the streets, what happens when they cross paths? Read More...

The Rhythm of the Road

First impressions of a Carnival without the Grand Stand... Read More...

What happened to J'Ouvert?

In just a few years, the start of Carnival Monday has dwindled to a few committed masqueraders rolling around on the ground on South Quay... Read More...

Medium-size Sunday

Dimanche Gras wasn't such a big Sunday after all... Read More...

Carnival on TV

If the Government's two television stations can broadcast Carnival for free, who is going to buy the rights they are advertising for sale? Read More...