One morning at Macueripe...

I prefer to do my laps in a pool, but those options have become severely diminished of late with the collapse of the Flying Fish facility.
So with the management at home on vacation, we sped off on Friday morning for a quick dip on the only partly complete, but mercifully open for access beach at Macueripe in Chaguaramas.

Swimming along my ocean "lane" a space roughly ten feet wide and running from the middle of the beach to the northern end, I noticed an empty bottle. Recalling a cut I got on my footpad a few days before on a previous visit, I dove to pick it up.

This proved to be a bit like buying a stylish car and then seeing it everywhere. Just along that fairly narrow swimming path, I kept seeing more and more of this debris (I swim with goggles).
So I began to pick it up and take it out of the water. This is the result of less than an hour's worth of work at the beach that morning.

Rubbish in the oceans is
becoming a critical matter. Glass bottles only break and leave deadly splinters for swimmers until they are eventually worn down into pretty bits of abraded glass. Tin cans don't disintegrate at all and crushed cans offer jagged edges quickly as they get knocked around on rocks.

Let's take this stuff out of the water when we find it and better yet, don't drop it in the water in the first place.