Jason Daly 1973-2008

Jason Daly died on January 29. Jason was one of the first of GayelleTV's presenters to visit my studio for the series of portraits that I've been doing of the all-local station's presenters. I didn't know him particularly well, but he always acknowledged me whenever we met and he was a cooperative subject.
I began shooting GayelleTV's presenters partly as a personal project, partly because of my long association with Banyan and Chris laird and Errol Fabien, but mostly because the station is just around the corner from my studio and as I told Chris, it would have been ridiculous for anyone else to be doing their photography.
Having a record of the presence and vitality of Jason wasn't the reason for doing it, but I'm glad that the photos exist.
GayelleTV has created a virtual condolence book for Jason here.