It's July 27, do you know where our terrorists are?

Oh, I know, they are engaging in a peaceful protest march on the streets of the city they almost brought to ruin 23 years ago, that's where they are.

As someone who personally had a Muslimeen gun pointed at his head on July 27, 1990 while in pursuit of my duties as the first Picture Editor of the Guardian, I've got to say that watching Yasin Abu Bakr and his cronies stroll along the streets of Port of Spain escorted by the police, I felt a real annoyance and resentment.

But then, that's what we fought for back then. Whether it was manning a large gun in response to the insurrection or publishing a newspaper from a building frequently peppered by gunfire, the only civil response to terrorism is ultimately the practice of constitutionally guaranteed freedoms, which include those that allow us to gather and represent our points of view, as unwelcome as they may be.

So Yasin Abu Bakr applies to the Police Commissioner for permission to march in the city, not only gets permission, but a protective escort. You may see affront. I see a success for democracy and free speech. We win.

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So on Warehouse 13...

The Pitch Lake from Mark Lyndersay on Vimeo.

Hollywood takes such liberties...

So that's what "primordial tar from Trinidad" does. I'm really going to have to watch myself if I ever visit the Pitch Lake then. As it turns out, pretty much everything even midly curious is fair game on Warehouse 13, so fair's fair, I suppose.

That Mairoon Ali photo

On the HaHaHa productions portrait from Mark Lyndersay on Vimeo.

Host Andy Johnson and guests (and subjects) Penelope Spencer and Nikki Crosby chat on the TV6 Morning Edtion show about the portrait I did of the group to launch my work on Womanwise for the Sunday Guardian.


IABC talk

Kind of forgot this. Gave a talk to the local chapter of the IABC with Lennox Grant on July 15. Time was a little tight, squeezed in before AGM business, but it seems to have gone down well. My half of the presentation, on New Media initatives and outlets is available here in PDF format with notes.

Notes on TATT's response

My notes on the letter sent by TATT to the TG Editor in Chief. Read More...

Information Minister responds

Information Minister Neil Parsanal wrote this response to the editorial of March 17 in a letter to the Guardian after its publication.
I should note that I often write the editorial without having had the benefit of witnessing the incidents or issues that are the subjects of the day's opinion leader.
I do, however, try to draw conclusions based on at least two reports of the situation. In this case, both Newsday's report on the incident and the TV6 report under the heading "Things that make you go...huh?" asserted that the reporter, Sean Douglas' microphone had been silenced.
Whether or not Mr Parsanal threw the switch, as Information Minister, he had the right and leverage to continue the discussion to the satisfaction of both the reporter and the media in attendance.
The response was published in the Guardian of March 21. Read More...

Media and Government - March 17

Here's a new one. I've referenced editorials that I've written for the Trinidad Guardian in this virtual space, most notably here, but this is the first time that I'm reproducing one directly as an entry on the blog.
Editorials are a curious piece of work for me. They need to represent the thinking of the newspaper's editor and publisher, or at least such thinking as they would be comfortable with.
After writing almost 600 of these, I have to acknowledge that some of them are also my own opinion, free and clear. This one was important enough to share here. There may be others in the future. Read More...

Getting invited

Holding onto your integrity, along with your dignity, at a Christmas party should be higher on the media agenda. Read More...