Take a bow, Britt

This is Britt Peemoller, last seen on this blog with her eyes unattractively closed. She part of a team at Porter-Novelli working with Microsoft who facilitate my reporting on events that the company hosts from time to time.
This was taken at Microsoft's offices in New York after the launch of Office 365, reporting on which will be posted after it appears in this week's Business Guardian.
Quite apart from Britt's significant organisational skills and patient charm, she's my bi-lingual hookup when things drift into Espanol.
I really should learn some more Spanish, but as long as Porter Novelli keeps sending charming ladies like this to whisper in my ear during events, I probably won't learn a word.

Windows In Tune

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Microsoft Public Relations

Britt's going to kill me if I ever end up at another Microsoft event for posting this image of her with her eyes closed. This is the crew that organised my working days at Microsoft's recent Innovative Education Forum in Panama.
The Caribbean gets lumped in with Latin America for these global events and I don't speak Spanish, so these three multi-lingual communications professionals make it possible for me to actually get stuff done.

We had a long, amusing chat after they pointed out to me that "No habla Espanol" is actually wrong, it's supposed to be "No hablo Espanol."
"Hah," I argued, "But if I really don't know how to speak Spanish, then habla is exactly right, it underlines my ignorance with semantic irony!"
This, believe it or not, is the kind of conversation I have with these ladies.

From left, they are Britt Peemoller, who I met at the launch of Vista, Sarah DiDonato from Microsoft, who I met for the first time in Panama and Pilar Metzler, with whom I had the considerable pleasure of hanging out in New York for the launch of Office 2007, San Diego for the Partner conference and this year, when she did her very best Helen of Troy imitation at an event for which the dress code was, apparently, white.

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