Photography career talk

View this and many other intriguing slides on Wednesday August 14.

On Wednesday I'll be giving a talk about my career experiences in photography and with all the related engagements I've had along the way at Antony Scully's new photography space, Studio 30.
There will be a vidcast of the presentation, as with all my other talks, but you don't get to ask me difficult questions in person that way.

You'll find the space here…
Studio 30
30A Warren St., Woodbrook
(Opposite St. Theresa's Church - Cor. De Verteuil & Warren Sts)
Contribution: $30
Time: 7:00pm
Refreshments after the session.

Dreamscape delivers

A hearty thank you to Trinidad Dreamscape for some tangible support of the work we do around here.

Bronze at the Panos

Took a bronze award for this photograph at dawn on a Sunday morning of Great Fete Sunday in 2011. It's a handheld panoramic, one of five that I've successfully done at the Pigeon Point event.
Here's a backstory on my history with panoramic images and the Great Fete experience in particular.
The competition attracts quite a few entrants, growing from 2740 images entered in 2010 to 3,586 in 2011. Statistics for 2012 participants are still to be posted to the website for the competition.

Noel Norton is gone

Noel Norton, the remarkable photographer whose fifty-year career touched many clients and photographers passed away on January 12.
BitDepth 818, on his passing, is here.
Here's a story I wrote about him in 1999 for the Guardian's Sunday Magazine and another I wrote in 2005 on the occasion of his honorary doctorate from UTT.
A rememberance of his wife and lifelong business partner, Mary, is here.

Photography in Corporate Communications

Photography in Corporate Communications - December 2010 from Mark Lyndersay on Vimeo.

A significant update to an earlier presentation on strategies for maximising photography in modern, digitally enabled corporate communications environments.

Download the presentation here.
Read the related BitDepth column here.

One Life competition entry

I've entered a portfolio in the One Life competition and public voting is open until October 29. You can see the entries and vote here.

Blogging the show floor

The next installment of BitDepth (October 28) will be a report on highlights from this year's PhotoPlus Expo, but from Thursday evening, I'll be blogging my findings and notes from the show floor of the PhotoPlus Expo 2008 at the Jacob Javits Centre in New York for the duration of the three days of the show.
You'll find that coverage posted on
my photoblog here...

PhotoBlog: Lenses, not cameras

A new entry on my photography blog explores the importance of high quality lenses on digital camera bodies. Find it here...

Fundraisers for Jeffrey Chock announced

Notes about fundraising events for the photographer Jeffrey Chock. Read More...

Chock fundraising

First notice of the fundraising effort in support of the medical expenses for Jeffrey Chock. Read More...

PhotoBlog: I hate shooting tethered

Notes about the philosophy of shooting tethered are posted here...

Beat Big Up for La Fleur Morte

One of my personal projects, La Fleur Morte, is featured in the July/August issue of Caribbean Beat.
The story by journalist James Fuller offers some kind words about my work and manages to date me quite nicely.

I'm not so ancient, however, that I'm likely to be doddering about humming Neil Diamond songs for inspiration, so please note that James misheard me and the quote that he cites is by
Neil Gaiman, not the composer of the film Jonathan Livingston Seagull that some folks consider to be quite inspirational.

The image enlargements on this page are quite large and will require at least a 17 inch monitor to view properly, but anything less just didn't do the reproduction of the pages and the sample image of the flower of the Chalice Vine (Solandra Guttata) just didn't seem right any smaller.

You can view the story
online here...

You can also access many stories from the current issue of Caribbean Beat as well as archives of the magazine by
signing up for a free subscription here...

There's a blog posting on my website and
links to other material about the project here...

Interview with Magella Moreau and Dennis McComie of Gayelle TV's Cock a Doodle Doo.

Slideshow movie that I prepared for that appearance.

Download the interview
here and the slideshow here.

RBTT becomes RBC

RBTT becoming RBC provokes some interesting memories.

Instant obsolesence

Slowly, Polaroid is going away, the immediacy of digital photography replacing the fast fading thrill of watching a colour photo appear after a minute of almost magical developing. Read More...

Hosay in full swing

Hosay is approaching its climax again this year. It's Flag Night tonight. Have a look at the photoessay I did on the Panchaiti camp last year here and there's a look behind the scenes at how it got put together here.

La Fleur Morte

Click on each photo to see an enlarged detail.
These images are excerpts from a larger work that is in progress in which I examine the way that flowers, the reproductive organs of plants, deteriorate after they are picked and discarded.
The first two images were selected for display in the Art Society's November exhibition for 2007 and you can view an interview with Magella Moreau and Dennis McComie on the Gayelle Morning Show,
Cock a Doodle Doo here and download the interview here. If you're curious about the slideshow I put together for my appearance, you can find that download here and view it here.

Tapes on RAW

Michael Tapes offers a down-to-earth tutorial series on working with RAW files, Read More...

Another Lightroom speedup


Gayelle TV interview

Links and background to an interview with GayelleTV about digital photography and film can be found here. Read More...

AMPOTT Judges' Notes, 2005

Just to give context to what we've been trying to do with the AMPOTT Awards, these are the Judges' notes for the first competition I worked on. These were the remarks at the awards ceremony on August 08, 2005 Read More...

AMPOTT Judging

The judges at work choosing the winning images at AMPOTT's 2007 photography competition. Read More...

The Modern Eye

Modern styles in photography can be exciting, but sometimes, I just don't get it... Read More...

Alex Smailes & Carnival

I wrote this as a section opener for Alex Smailes' photography book on Carnival. For various production and editorial reasons, all the section openers were scrapped and this never got published. Until now...
I've also written about Noel Norton
here...

Five Fingers

Five fingers, bittersweet fruit of salted rhapsody