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WomanWise: Patricia Dardaine-Ragguet

The Guardian doesn't carry the cover of WomanWise anywhere on its website, apparently, so here's Patricia Dardaine-Ragguet in the photo from last Sunday's issue.

Gerard Gaskin in CRB

Pleasantly surprised to find myself mentioned in this story in the new Caribbean Review of Books about the photographer Gerard Gaskin. The author is Christopher Cozier, about whom I never tire of noting that I published his first piece of mass reproduced art, a cartoon, etched onto stencil paper, for the Trinity College (Maraval) newsletter, the Buzzer.

I'm equally surprised to have been one of the people chosen in the first pass of his portrait project on Trinidad and Tobago artists.
Gerard shot the photo here in my front yard, part of the style of the works, apparently, about three years ago. More recent versions of the work have been in grayscale. Photo by Gerard Gaskin, all copyrights honoured and reserved with this reproduction.

Marjorie Boothman for the Sunday Guardian

Photographed Marjorie Boothman for the Sunday Guardian last week. Some interesting challenges getting the shot on the location, which is a temporary living space while the family home is being renovated. Here's another outtake from the photography. There's another image on the home page. The painting behind Mrs Boothman is by her son Roger.

New WomanWise photos

Here's another outtake from the wonderfully engaging photography session I had with film producer Sonya Wells for the Sunday Guardian's WomanWise Magazine.
There's another unused image on the home page.

Sunday Guardian portraits

Looks like I might be doing some shooting for the Sunday Guardian's WomanWise Magazine.
Been missing doing stylish portraiture for print since I stopped working on the Business Guardian far too long ago.
The women of HaHaHa Productions this week, film producer Sonya Wells next week.
Click on the thumbnail to see an unused image from last week's shoot.

Virtual exhibit hall

New image gallery added to the brand new section of the website, The Virtual Gallery.
This new section offers images in much higher than normal resolution (images will be 1200 pixels wide or 1024 pixels high on their long side, depending on orientation) and will fit nicely on a screen that’s 17 inches or larger.
The display is roughly equivalent to viewing an 8 x 10 inch print.

This runs counter to the traditional thinking on web reproduction, these larger files being easy targets for theft. But there’s also a very valuable counter movement, exemplified by
the Boston Globe’s take on photography on the web. Which is, in summary, so what?

I’ve had exhibitions of my work in the past and I still haven’t recovered from the experience 25 years later. I’d rather risk some petty theft and display some of my collections properly than massage my ego with another show in a hurry.

Let me know what you think about the first collection. I have another, much larger “show” waiting in the wings.

To assist you in viewing the images on your screen with greater accuracy, I’ve included these colour bars. Most modern monitors offer some colour controls that will eliminate particularly obvious colour casts.

The blocks in the bar are from left to right, 100 percent of blue, green, red and black, 50 percent gray, 25 percent gray and 100 percent white (that block should disappear on this page).