Tech News TT

Been slow to post website updates here for new BitDepth postings. Sorry about that. Been busy with a new technology website that you might want to pay some attention to. It's Tech News TT and its a collection of news briefs, curated press releases and original reporting from me about technology in Trinidad and Tobago.
Moving forward, that website will be the focus of all my BitDepth postings, though the archive here will remain the definitive collection of the column for anyone trying to find past installments.
Have a look at it to see what I've been up to, particularly if you have a serious interest in technology developments in Trinidad and Tobago.
It's early days yet and many changes will come over time as I develop the project.

Mail from Google

Here's my very first piece of mail from Google. Oddly enough, the all-digital company insists on sending a hard copy card to a physical address to verify a business listing on its service.
Naturally, that document doesn't have the savvy of Google search, so it quickly ran afoul of the expertise of TTPost, who sent it off on a tour of El Socorro before finally bringing it home.

On Morning Edtion

Morning Edition - Children on the Internet from Mark Lyndersay on Vimeo.

Talking to Fazeer Mohammed on Morning Edition about managing how children should use the Internet and what parents should be thinking about when deciding to intervene.


TechTing Interview

My interview with Anton Gonzalez of is posted here...

Contemplating electronic books

Lit's Bits from Mark Lyndersay on Vimeo.

A presentation planned for a panel discussion at the inaugural Bocas Lit Fest. There wasn't a projector, so I spoke from a print of my slides, but you can enjoy the talk on electronic books in this video.

Download the presentation as an MP4 video file here...

Talking viral video on Gayelle

On viral video, Gayelledotcom, August 23 from Mark Lyndersay on Vimeo.

Talking about viral videos and local marketing efforts on Gayelle the channel's morning show.


CNMG talk on technology

First Up technology discussion from Mark Lyndersay on Vimeo.

Many thanks to Derren Joseph for asking me to participate!

Twitter on CNews

Soyini Grey was a delight to work with on this clip for CNews' technology segment. Smart, funny and accommodating, she allowed me to ramble on for what seemed like way too long about Twitter, traditional media and the elections in Iran.

Some thoughts that didn't make it into the final edit include...
Twitter succeeded in Iran because it was diffuse and invisible. Traditional media was easy to find, target and neutralise. Licensed, official reporters are known to the authorities, dozens of people with cellphones and laptops are not.

The authorities in Iran tried to stop information from getting out, blocking access to the preferred social media network in Iran, Friendfeed, but young people simply switched to Twitter and went on sharing links and news updates. Multiple sources of information and multiple points of access for publishing make traditional methods of information supression more difficult, if not impossible to implement.

In embracing new media, traditional media sources need to cultivate the savvy to separate misinformation from fact, opinion from reporting. Life magazine, busy reinventing itself as a source for impactful photography on the web did exactly that by making contact with a photographer who posted some of the best imagery coming out of the protests and gathering that person's work into a striking gallery.

The photographer's identity remains unknown and has since been reported missing by their family. See those images on
Life's gallery here...

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Future of Media presentations available

On Thursday, Georgia Popplewell and I gave presentations on the Future of Media at the Caribbean Media and Communication Conference in Grenada. The presentation slides in PDF format and an audio recording courtesy of George Grant can be downloaded here...

Microsoft, Blackberry launches

Posted reports of launches of the new Blackberry Storm and Windows RC1 in Trinidad and Tobago to Other Writing...

Future talk

Notes on the Futurist event at the Hilton Hotel on October 08, 2008. Read More...

MacBlog: Homemade coolpad

Notes on a cooling system I built to reduce heat on my laptop are posted here...


There are only two kinds of people, people who have a hard drive fail on them and those who will. Guess which kind I am. Read More...