Tapes on RAW

Tackling the heaping mound of paper and discs I harvested over three days of keynotes, conferences and dozens of exhibitors at the PhotoPlus Expo 2007 was almost as draining as the show itself.

Imagine my surprise to find a genuine gesture among the snazzily packaged press releases and CDs full of text and slick photos.

Michael Tapes left copies of his training series, "RAW without FUD" on a table in the press room and I have to confess that I almost didn't pick it up. Most folks leave samplers of their training materials that are just enough to get a mention but not enough to figure out exactly what's up with the product.

To my surprise, Tapes left a full copy of his training materials.
The package arrives on a DVD but it's Flash based and is designed to run in a web browser on the Mac and Windows, not in a DVD player.
Michael Tapes isn't your average photography lecturer. He's a beefy everyman with a lantern jaw who talks about photography with a gravis of enormous practicality. When he needs a camera to demonstrate something on his videos, he doesn't reach for an enviable top of the line super DSLR, he coaches using a readily accessible Rebel XTi.
The videos are reasonably short, averaging between five and fifteen minutes long and take you through a capsule of information that's readily digestible.

You can find samples of Tapes' videos on the web
here, and decide for yourself if his style suits the way you want to learn RAW workflow.
Tapes is also the creator of the well-regarded Whi-Bal colour calibration cards made of sturdy plastic in white, 18 percent gray and black designed to be taken along on every shoot.
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