Team Wire redux

Keith Matthews, ML, Karla Ramoo and Curtis Chase pose for this photo by Express reporter Julien Neaves at the TTPBA Awards Ceremony on November 24.

At the annual awards ceremony for the Trinidad and Tobago Publishers and Broadcasters Association, I found myself in the unusual position of representing Dunstan Williams, the remarkable cartoonist at the Guardian whose work I've admired for all the years that DEW drew.

Two years ago, I spoke on his behalf when he was inducted into the TTPBA's de facto journalism hall of fame.
It's the sort of thing that makes you think about what you leave behind after a lifetime of working in the media.

I'm fond of the work that I've done, but I'm proudest of the lives that I've touched during that time and not surprisingly, many of those people happen to be photographers. Folks like Marlon Rouse, Kenroy Ambris and Brian Ng Fatt are people that I've coached to differing extents when they became photographers.

Almost exactly ten years ago, I was recruiting photographers for a newspaper startup at the Guardian, a racy little tabloid that would make heavy use of photographs called The Wire. I've written about that experience before here, here and here so there's no need to get into that here.

At the dinner, I suddenly realised that the three young photographers I'd hired, along with media professional Andrea De Silva were at the event. Keith was there for Newsday, Karla was the event photographer and Curtis was representing the Express. All three are still in the business, working and I hope, improving their skills and their profiles as photographers.

We had some great times and some rough times at that paper over the year and a half it was published and I'd like to think that the three young people, all of whom were in for some serious coaching after I brought them on board, learned something from the experience.

You can't teach without learning yourself, and I'm grateful for these three photographers for offering me an opportunity to grow and improve myself. I can only hope they heard some of what I was telling them.
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