On local photography, a 2012 overview


An overview and contextual positioning of the Art Society's photography retrospective Record : Art : Memory and other initiatives in 2012 that made it a stand-out year for photography in Trinidad and Tobago. (Photograph by Alex Smailes). Read More...

The Queen

A long overdue photography session with Athaliah Samuel brings me face to face with a very unique and interesting young professional on the rise. A discussion of technique and serendipity. Read More...

Photography as a vocation

Why do we photograph? It's not a question that seems to come up very often, but it's one that's worth asking ourselves constantly.
Some thoughts about my own motivations and considerations on the matter are here... Read More...

Asked, answered

Two young photographers put some interesting questions to me. With their permission, I answer publicly in the hope that the responses might be of use to some one else. Read More...

The Photographer's Responsibility

Taking care of your photographic works and leveraging those assets isn't your client's responsibility, it's part of a professional's charge and compact with customers who are supposed to know less than we do about photography's nuances. Read More...

On shooting for free

Should we take pictures for free? Should we charge for every picture we take? Here are my experiences with deciding when to charge and when a fee is inadequate payment for a photographic experience. Read More...

The TNT Mirror's resource reallocations

You can find the original post and discussion on Facebook here. This facsimile of the post (I have resisted the temptation to correct spellings) and the ensuing thread, begun on March 30, 2012, is posted for the convenience of those who aren't on that social media service.
For the full, rather long thread click here to... Read More...

Laura Ferreira on Copyright

The full text of my e-mail interview with Laura Ferreira about a recent copyright infringement incident. Read More...

Noel and me

My February 1999 story on Noel Norton published in the Sunday Guardian. Read More...

On copyright in a digital world

Magic, tar and copyleft from Mark Lyndersay on Vimeo.

A discussion of copyright issues in an age of digital sharing.

This is a talk that I gave to the Trinidad and Tobago chapter of ISACA on December 02, 2011.
The online version tends to lag a bit behind the slide changes. You can also download an MP4 of the vidcast here.