A dip into the day job

HDC Housing Slideshow from Mark Lyndersay on Vimeo.

Folks sometimes ask what I do for a living.
That's easy enough. I take portraits.
Sometimes I do editorial projects and sometimes I do executive portraits. And sometimes I do architectural portraits, photographs of buildings that seek to show the structures in their best light.
I'd begun doing this work just before I returned to doing photography full time in 2006 after several years in corporate life.

It was 2005 and Dennise Demming's communications firm was working on a 50th anniversary celebration event for Consulting Engineers Partnership, a company that's behind the structural design of major structures throughout the Caribbean.

Since then, I've done a few more projects and then began doing work for the state housing agency, a project that's proven to be particularly satisfying on a creative level.

The video was produced from the 2014 collection of images I produced for them two months ago. The images are all HDR captures, including the panoramics, which can require as many as 24 separate exposures to complete.
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